Very Taboo so read at your own risk!

Haziran 21, 2020 0 Yazar: admin

Very Taboo so read at your own risk!b**stiality is an obvious Taboo that many people are hardcore against and also one that many people fantasize about and even act upon. I understand the argument if it comes to the a****l being affected in a negative manner or if it causes them harm but if its harmless to them I dont see the issue. Im obviously a very dirty minded person and could careless. The first encounter i ever had was with my sisters dog one night in her bathroom when i was taking a bath. I bent over to do something and her dog tried to jump on me and mount me and at first i shoved him off to scold him but my slut mind took over and i was curious just how it would feel to be fucked by a dog and decided if he tried it again id just let the situation work itself out. I was 12 at the time and he was just a mutt that weighed maybe 60 pou ds so i knew it was nothing i couldnt handle. He jumped on me again and was super excited and it didnt take him long before i felt his dick working its way to my asshole and sure enough he found the spot and jist as he did he rammed every inch of his dick as deep as he could and it definitely made me jump forward a little bit. I was pleasantly surprised on the size of what he grew insode of me and knew right away i fuckib loved it. He quickly filled my ass with cum and dog knotted with me and i let it stay that way until he wanted to jump off but when his knot went in my ass it instantly made me youwin starting cumming like crazy and that was a first for me at the time and i fell in love at that very second. My mind wandered more after this was over and i was now curious on what a dogs cum tasted like so the next time i had the chance i started rubbing his dick and it quickly geew hard so i layed down and as soon as the pink came out i wrapped my lips around it and started sucking and soon enough all i had to do was hold still because his thrusting did the work for me and i felt him starting to shoot his cum and was amazed by how many times and how much cum he squirted in my mouth and honestly I may even like the taste of a dogs cum more than a humans lol. About a year or so later i was at a friends house staying the night and he had a Lab who was a champion english blood line and was a pretty nice size muscular dog and i had noticed he liked to try and hump things and i knew right off wwhst my goal was. My friend said he was gonna go take a bath and relax in the water for a bit so i could jusr do whatever i wanted in the mean time and i was the happiest boy ever! As soon as i heard the bathroom door shut and lock i instantly took my pants off and lubed my ass and got his dick hard and got down in the doggystyle position in hopes hed jump on and fuck me and this was my first lesson in this area. I did t have much knowledge on dogs dicks and the youwin güvenilir mi sizes and all that and jist figured theyd all be about the same and wouldnt vary too drastically because the others was about 4 inches and not huge in thickness but not to small. He quickly mounted me and i felt him tryig to find the hole and within seconds my mood of being excited went to being shocked out of my fucking mind! When he first penetrated me i could obviously tell he was a little bigger than the first but after id say 5 or 6 humps that fucking dogs dick i swear to god grew to the thickness of a pop can and 8 inches long and im not gonna lie i tried to move forward but as i did he dug his claws deep in me and squeezed and i realized there was no getting away. Lesson number 2 was not all dogs cum at the same times and what i expected to be 30 seconds to a minute turned into much longer. That big ass dog straight up reemed me out for atleast 5 minutes and as i could tell he was cummingthe thought popped in my mind of “omfg the knots going to be even bigger but then calmed down bc i knew it wouldnt fit and go in me. WRONG! I to this day do not know how it did or fit but that huge fucking thing somehow stretched me just enough to go in and holy fuckib shit i came a gallon and afterwards i knew i had to get my clothes back on because my buddy could come back anytime and i pulled forward and it was obvious we were “stuck” youwin giriş and there was no way he was pulling out until it was the right time. The pain and pleasure was so fucking amazing that i cant even describe! I thought for sure my life was over and i was about to be caught with not only a dog on top of me but me with my pants pulled down and a dog on top of me with his dick knotted in my asshole and stuck and if that happened i knew my life would never be the same! Luckily after about 10 minites he jumped off and i had just enough time to do everything i needed to do! Even after the swelli g went down on his dick when i looked at it i was blown away on just how big it was and the fact something that big just fucked me and to e fact i enjoyed it so much and didnt cause pain or hurt much at all! I figured my asshole was forever fucked and would be gaped open but learned real quick thst no matter what, my little white ass goes right back to being nice,small, and tight no matter what! Ive had many experiences since those particular times throughout the years following and have been fucked by quite a few different dogs since then and enjoy it very much! Any chance i get to let a dog fuck me i jump on it and if thats not possible i atleast suck their dick and savor the cum and swallow it down. Id estimate about 30 different dogs or so have bred me and ive swallowed close to 100 loads of dog cum! I highly recommend trying it c as I said, whats the harm if its not harming them and they obviously enjoy it! Ima go tab a little lube on myself now actually and yell for my buddy whos a Rottweiler and add another load to the collection of bein filled with! Hope everyone has a nice enjoyable day!